The patient refers to our center, usually due to abnormalities in laboratory tests or due to emerging pathological symptoms. A complete history will be documented, assessment of the laboratory findings, followed by a complete clinical examination, vital parameter measurement and differential blood analysis. Guidance on the completion of diagnostic examinations (for example computer tomography or magnetic resonance imaging) will then be given, in which case diagnosis will be made. In most cases, the patient’ findings will be discussed in the multidisciplinary tumor board and treatment will be proposed.

If chemotherapy or immunotherapy is indicated, then this can take place in a Limassol private hospital, where the doctor supervises hospitalized or day-care patients.

In the case of chronic hematological diseases, it is possible to quickly assess the full blood count through the analyzer with differential analysis of white blood cells.

Procedures that can take place in the doctor’s office cover the entire spectrum of hematology such as subcutaneous epigenetic factors administration, therapeutic bleeding, transfusions, intravenous administration of biphosphonates, immunoglobulins, iron etc., and oncological procedures such as ascites or pleural paracentesis.